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Our Online Teaching and Learning Timetable Explained

Learning Readiness & Connection

This is an exceptionally important time to be mentally and physically ready for the day, and to keep everyone connected students with students; students with teachers; teachers with families.


Body 2 Mind

Every morning prior to check-in, we are encouraging the whole family to engage in some light physical exercise together before their learning and workday begins. These are also called Move ‘N Groove sessions in school.


The morning activity will be provided each day by our PE teacher Mr Colgrave.


Daily Check-in and Roll Call

Every day at 9:00am there will be a scheduled morning daily check-in between students and their teachers.  In Year 3 - 6, teachers will open the class roll at 9:00am in Office 365 – TEAMS. Students are able to respond to their teacher’s morning welcome using the ‘Posts’ function. In the event you are experiencing difficulties logging into TEAMS, then please ensure parents notify the class teacher via Class Dojo.

Innovate and Create

Having daily opportunities for students to explore, discover, create and innovate is essential in the home environment and follows our Maramba Primary School Teaching and Learning Pedagogical Model.


Human Literacy

We are encouraging all families to be actively engaged in Family Human Literacy learning to support each other through this challenging time.


Innovation Meets (3-6) will be planned and delivered as the first family learning experience each Monday morning before other learning experiences. The focus for each weekly session are created by the teacher and informed by parent and student feedback and understanding the pressures that are placed on families at this time.


On Friday, we have an Innovation Hour at 1:55pm that will have a STEAM focus. We encourage families to participate where possible but they can also be interdependent experiences too.


These sessions will be organised and supported by teachers.



Initially in Year 3 – 6, Discovery sessions will be opportunities for students to make, create or innovate together. It is designed to be a stimulating start to the day and get the brain active before the learning ahead.


Gradually, these sessions will evolve to reflect the similar learning opportunities to what students engage in at school. Students will work towards answering a key question by finding a unique solution to an identified local or national or global issue. This will require students to investigate, explore, and discuss their key findings in a series of lessons across the term.


Specialists - Art, PE, Music and Coding

Specialists will also provide scheduled learning experiences for students in each year group to continue a modified specialist program that can be delivered at home. Each year group will have their four specialist sessions each week and always at the same time.



Communication and Skill Building

Essentially, this time has an English focus. Students have opportunities to improve their communication skill building. This includes speaking, listening, viewing, reading, writing, handwriting and spelling.


Problem Solving

This part of learning represents the Mathematics component of the curriculum. Teachers will provide a mixture of mathematical concepts and real-life applications.


Community Pit Stop and Daily Reflection

A great way to end the day, students and their families are encouraged to participate in a Community Pit Stop and Check-out where they can share events from their day as part of family and individual reflection time. This time allows family members to review their day and make improvements in the way they learn, work and live. If it doesn’t happen at this time it can take place later when the family is together.

YEAR 5 Online T&L Timetable Term 3.jpg

What do the different colours mean?

In the timetable these sessions are supported by the teacher. The task will be posted by teachers and they will be available online to support student learning.

These sessions provide an option for parents to be involved in your child’s learning by doing a task together e.g. Sharing a book or baking.

These tasks are student independent learning tasks provided by the teacher that should only require minimal support. Students are encouraged to do this by themselves.

During these times, we encourage families to participate and learn together where possible. They will be supported by teachers and can be completed relatively independently too.

We understand that parents and carers have their other important work to do at home so these times provide flexible options. Our parents and carers can either do their own work and/or provide learning support.

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